Best Wild Life Photography Shots

Wildlife photography is regarded as being one of the most challenging forms of . It involves a thorough understanding of the behavior of animals and in addition to it, one needs to have sound technical skills, such as being able to expose in the right manner. Its all about being in the right place at the right time.

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Surprisingly enough, photographing some species may require stalking skills or the use of a camouflage as well. Whilst wildlife photographs can be taken using basic equipment, successful photography of some types of wildlife requires specialist equipment, such as macro lenses for insects, long focal length lenses for birds and underwater cameras for marine life. However, since the advent of digital cameras and the never ending quest for adventures, this practice has evolved into totally new heights.

From what I’ve seen, wildlife photography is definitely one of the most dangerous forms of photography. A photographer who uses good exposure, color and blur settings along with appropriate speed and focusing techniques can produce stunning photographs. One not only needs the right equipment, but also the courage and the audacity to push himself beyond his limits. As a result, need to be agile and vigilant as much as possible. Even though we appreciate the end result, its definitely an understatement to say that these photographers have done a stunning job. They are absolutely marvelous and so are their photographs.

In this post, I have showcased some of the most breathtaking close up photography of animals during their aggressive mood or when they are about to make their kill. We have to commend the photographers for their patience and the extraordinary exhibition of valor to take such photographs and sharing it with us.

1) Gannet Dive by mvbalkom

2) Eye to Eye by Andreas Saladin

3) Gotcha! by henkheus

4) The flying fortes by mvbalkom

5) Parotsnake by kuntha

6) Common Kingfisher vs House Sparrow by nissim

7) Closeup by Marta Grzesiak

8 ) Dandelion by Boris Godfroid

9) The hunt by Ivan Bui

10) Power by Natalie Manuel

11) seagull by sammy

12) Conversation by Marcin Nawrocki

13) The Living Knot by jbfotodesign

14) Breakfast by arachiusz

15) you can dance by Marcin Nawrocki

16) Predator by Benyamin Lakitan

17) A green breakfast by Allon Kira

18) Got it! by Marko Marinkovic

19) Catch by arachiusz

20) Breakfast by Mascha

21) mummification by Marta Grzesiak

22) Common Kestrel by yaki zander

23) Sea Eagle in sunset by Tommy Solberg

24) Tiger by José Luis Mieza

25) Fierce by jimmy hoffman

26) Lunch … by nissim

27) Remain wild… by CathS

28) Poised by Marcus Lim

29) Diving Tiger – NGC

30) Thats mine by Francois Loubser

31) White-tailed Sea eagle by Stian Holmen

32) Aliens by AimishBoy

33) Splash by David Orias

34) Uroplatus fimbriatus by Thor Hakonsen

35) Hyla arborea by Victor Minghir

36) angry… by akterf

37) Fightclub by Jörg Hubrich

38) Norwegian Sea Eagle by Tommy Solberg

39) Give me a kiss! by Daniel Hasselberg

40) aggressive by akterf

Those were some of the best I could find after hours of searching. The next picture is somewhat digresses from the original topic. However, I was tempted to upload it here as it looks so amazingly cute. I’m sure when it wakes up, it will start hunting again 🙂

41) Asleep by Alain Turgeon

42) Peekaboo – The best one so far

Well, from what I’ve learnt, wildlife photography is one heck of a profession. Not only do these photographers put their lives on the line every time they grab their and go out for seeking inspiration, but they come so close to touching their destiny that they leave us awe-struck.

I’m sure you were inspired from this showcase just as much as I was. Please feel free to share your works if you have any. There are numerous groups dedicated to wildlife photography over at flickr. Join them if you are interested and showcase your works there. Photography is a very addictive hobby and there is so much to learn from it. You will be having a tryst with nature herself, who boasts of being the best designer in the entire universe. Good Luck!

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