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Great Typography Wallpapers to Inspire

Inspiring Desktop Wallpapers can help you in a creative and productiveatmosphere to come. In this collection, we will focus on beautiful wallpaper basedon typography. Typography plays today be one of the most important roles of effective and attractive web and graphic design, typography, but also an art form.Unusual combinations, transformations and compositions of the type can becomea stunning work of art. Here are 25 gorgeous typography inspired images for you to enjoy. For the best tutorials, Follow netglos @twitter and I Love Typography The Characteristics of a Typeface Colorful Fancy Lettering Homage to Fred Africkian The Typographic Grid Playin’ with Type Good Morning America A Paradigm Shift Type Goes Web The Unforgettable […]


Free Beautiful Twitter Wallpapers

Here’s a list of best Twitter wallpapers around the web you probably didn’t see yet. For those Twitter fans out there, here’s something to spice up your desktop. Feel free to share it and enjoy!


Great Black Wallpapers Collection

One of the most debated issues about color is whether black is truly a color or not. To an artist (or a child) black is a color and white is not. But for a scientist, white is a color, black is not. The real meaning of the word black means the absence of colors. Try to mix all the colors in the rainbow, you’ll get black. Black has many associations. Black goes beyond a simple […]