Creating a Smash Animation With Slow-motion Effect

Throughout this tutorial you’ll be learning how to use the new mograph 2 module to create a shatter animation with mograph tag. Also through keyframe manipulations you will easily combine the nice slow-motion effect with shatter animation. Let’s get started!

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Final Product

Important: You’ll need Xbreaker plugin for this tutorial.

Step 1

Create a cube with dimensions set to 260 x 7.5 x 45 cm.

Step 2

Select this cube then open the “Xbreaker” plugin.

Step 3

Use the settings below for plugin. Then click the “Break Now” button.

Step 4

Create a “Cloner object” and make the new “Cube_XBreaker_15″ object, which was created by the plugin, child of cloner object.

Step 5

Change the settings which was highlighted in object tab of the cloner object.

Step 6

Copy that cloner object several times and reposition them to create a new cube like below

Step 7

Create a floor object and assign a “mograph” tag for it.

Step 8

Create a “Platonic object” then change the settings of that object under the object tab as 250cm / 3 / Dodeca , respectively.

Step 9

Make it editable (Shortcut “C”) then choose the polygon tool to select the faces and choose the live selection tool and change its mode to “soft selection”

Step 10

Choose some faces and manipulate them to create an irregular shape just like a rock.

Step 11

Click with right mouse button over the platonic object and add a “phong tag”

Step 12

Choose the subdivide tool and subdivide the rock object twice.

Step 13

Create a fracture object then make the rock child of it and add a mograph tag to fracture object.

Step 14

Select the mograph tag of “floor” object and change the Friction section under collision tab to “1″

Step 15

This time choose the mograph tag of the Fracture object, which contains the rock object we have created, and change the value of “Rotational mass” from 100% to 500%

Step 16

Choose any of the cloner object then copy it and scale down its size. Put them to inside of the any main part of the wooden box to hide. Through these little pieces you’ll get splinters of the broken box.

Step 17

Position the rock object right top of the box like below

Step 18

Clik the “mograph” tag of the rock object and under the “dynamics” tab turn on the “Custom Inital Velocity” and set the same values you see below.

Step 19

Now jump to animation layout.

Step 20

Click the Cmd+D key combination on the keyboard to reach the MoDynamics’ settings.

Step 21

Add a keyframe for “Time scale”. In order to do this click the circle near it with ctrl+Left mouse button.

Step 22

Copy this keyframe with ctrl key and move it to 15. frame.

Step 23

Choose these two keyframe and make them linear with the button I’ve showed below.

Step 24

Now copy the last keyframe and put it somewhere between 15.-20. frames and change the “Key value” from “1″ to “0.1″

Step 25

Copy any keyframe two times more and but one of them to 70. frame which has “0.1″ as “Key value” and the put the other one 75. frame and set the “Key value” as “1″.

Step 26

Now go back to standard layout. Then change the last frame to “160F” for timeline.

Step 27

Find some materials to add rock, box and floor objects. You can use the content browser of C4D (Shift + F8) to find some convenient ones.

Step 28

Create a Spot light and put it over the scene. Under the General tab choose “Volumetric” for “Visible light” section and set a color for light. Under “” section choose the soft map and use 50% for density.

Step 29

Open the render settings windows (shortcut cmd+B).

Step 30

Click to Output section.Here choose a size for . Then write 160 for “To” part. That means will last until 160. frame.

Step 31

Now jump to save section. Here choose the “QuickTime Video” for Format part. And select a directory and name to save the video.

Step 32

Go to “Anti-Aliasing” section and choose the “Best”

Step 33

And finally add the “Global Illumination” effect. Just leave it with basic settings.

Final Product

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