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Since there is a typeface known as Llama and you can even make your own ones withFontStruct, it will not be amazed when we match some print styles we do not know.

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So, recognize a typeface in use? You can have a look at out the following top 10 no cost apps:

1. WhatTheFont

What The Font

The WhatTheFont website is available for you to identify a font by uploading an image from your computer or via a URL.

The downloaded picture will be split up by people, if which are coordinated up with the characters outlined under them, press the “Continue” option, then you will get the outcome. Besides, you can also send your picture to the WhatTheFont Message board and ask for some help.

By the way, WhatTheFont also provides an app for iPhone.

2. WhatFontIs

What Font is

Like WhatTheFont, the WhatFontIs website is also available for you to identify a font by uploading an image (with one line of ) from your computer or via a URL.

The downloaded picture will be divided in several items by people, and you need to feedback the personality for every element, then the web page will collection the first 100 coordinated up or identical print styles.

By the way, WhatFontIs also provides an add-on for Internet explorer and an extendable for Internet explorer.

3. WhatFont


WhatFont offers a few ways for you to identify fonts on webpages, such as that you can install a bookmarklet on Firefox, Chrome, Safari or IE browser, or install an extension on Chrome or Safari.

Whatever way you are using, you can recognize a typeface by just flying on it, then you can see the typeface name, together with the typeface household, dimension, shade and range bodyweight as well as some typeface examples.

4. Fount

Identify fonts with Fount

Workable on Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and IE8+, Fount is a bookmarklet for you to identify any you see.

After set up, you can press the bookmarklet on any web site, and press any typeface you want to recognize, then you can see the typeface name, together with the dimension, bodyweight and design.

5. Font Finder

Font Finder

Font Finder is a Firefox add-on for you to analyze the font information of any element on a page.

After installation, you can click the add-on icon in the status bar or right-click on the webpage to start the analysis. Besides the font family (including the actual font being rendered), you can also view the font size, weight, style and many other  elements, as what you can see from the above image.

6. Firebug


Firebug is a Firefox add-on for you to inspect a webpage’s HTML, CSS, Script and some other elements. For the font, besides name, you can also view its size, color, weight and more.

By the way, there is also a Firebug Lite bookmarklet for IE6+, Opera, Safari and Chrome browsers.

7. Identifont


The Identifont website offers 5 different ways for you to identify a font, such as by answering some questions, by entering a part of its name, by picking up a similar font, by selecting a particular picture or symbol, or by searching its designer or publisher.

8. Font Identifier

Font Identifier

The Font Identifier website can recognize over 3,000 fonts, and to identify yours, just answer about 10 questions it asks.

If you are lucky, you will get the result when you answered all the questions, and if not, you can change your answers by clicking on their .

The above 8 web apps are available for you to identify a font automatically, while the following two will be available for you to get help from some geeks:

9. Typophile Forum

Typophile Forum

Typophile Forum is a good place for you to discuss fonts, and you can submit the font you want to identify to the “Type ID Board” sub-forum to ask for a help.

By the way, you need to register to submit your fonts.

10. Typeface Identification

Typeface Identification

Typeface Identification is a Flickr group for you to post your fonts and ask others to help you identify them.

You need to join the group to use the service, but it is worthy, since there are now over 1,000 members, who has offered more than 600 items.

Among the above 10 services, WhatTheFont is my favorite, which one is yours? Or do you have any other ways to identify a font? Share with us by leaving a comment.

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