Photo Retouching Tutorials

Photo and manipulation are probably the two most important areas Photoshop is used extensively, mainly because Photoshop offers a variety of sophisticated tools and effects that you can use to smooth out skin and hair, optimize body proportions, emphasize or enhance some beautiful details, correct colors, and a whole lot more.

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These skills are important to learn not just for professional but for anyone who simply wants to learn to edit and their own photos using the same powerful photo-editing software professionals use.

Let’s study the dozen examples shown below on how it is done in practice. Photo retouching and restoration listed six tutorials each containing before-vs.-after-comparison with easy to follow step-by-step procedures in Photoshop.

Photo Retouching

1. Shadow Recovery of Backlight Problem

Photographer Edwin Setiawan explains in this simple Photoshop tutorial how to fix backlight problems.

2. Skin and Facial Enhancing

Learn how to enhance and glamorize a face in Photoshop with this easy to follow tutorial.

3. Professionalizing low quality photos

Turn your low quality discolored photos to professional looking photos with this simple and easy to follow tutorial.

4. Glamor Retouch Tutorial

Learn how to smooth skin and add those glamorous glow using this simple and short tutorial.

5. Sharpening Photos: An Alternative Approach

Here’s an alternative and more effective way of sharpening blurry photos.

6. Photo Retouching with Lighting Focus

Photo Restoration

1. How To Repair Scratches, Tears, and Spots on an Old Photograph

This Tuts+ tutorial will teach us how to repair cracks, scratches, and spots so this photo of the Swedish Nightingale, Jenny Lind, looks just like new.

2. Professional Photograph Restoration Workflow

Once again, PSD Tuts+ shows us in this tutorial in-depth professional workflow for restoring old photographs to their former glory.

3. Restoring Colors of Old Photographs

Here’s a quick fix tutorial on how to fix and restore colors of old photos using Photoshop Elements.

4. Coloring an Old Black and White Photo

This tutorial demonstrates in very simple and easy to follow step by step procedures on how to add some colors to old black and white photos.

5. Adding Colors to Black and White Landscape Photo

Here’s another coloring black and white photo tutorial in Photoshop. This one is a more extensive and detailed demonstration using an architectural/landscape type of photo.

6. Give Old Photos A Punchy Stylistic Feel

Restore old photos their once glossy and punchy feel with this simple tutorial which includes a video of the actual process.

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