Professional Lighting for Model Photography

This example reveals how lighting style effects was controlled to make the best atmosphere for a design photoshoot.

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Components Needed:
2 Strobes
Shoot Thru Umbrella
Big Octagonal Softbox
Tall Dark-colored Gobo (deflector)
Round Gold Reflector
Big Octagonal Softbox
A Situation Research in Lighting

This post in a shut look at a venture I lately proved helpful on. Together with Beautician Natalie Svikle, we joined up to make an design tale that will be based on the way france lady outfit. We known as it L’Affaire Parissienne.

Step 1: Finding Perfect Model

It took a long time, before we found right model.
We needed someone very soft and friendly on the face, with cheeky smile that will bring an under layer to the shoot.
After about a week going through model books, we found Cathy from Compton Model Agency, here in Dublin.

She was lovely, awesome and most essential for our venture, she had that France excellent, even though she is not France at all.
She was the one we wanted…

The Model is more important than you might think!

Keep in mind that the design is not only a very young lady. She has to convey with you very well too. To be able to get preferred look/pose, match her before firing to create sure that you are on the same website.

Step 2: Setting Key Light

Key Light Setup

I desired to make a normal feel to the . I determined to use an Octagonal Softbox as major lumination, on tcamera right. Establishing it up near to design will give very awesome smooth lumination covering around her deal with. This is just like lumination you might get from the sun beautiful through lumination atmosphere.

Following concept of maintaining lumination normal, the major resource will have to be placed just above our designs go, and indicated a little bit down. Keep an eye on the darkness under her nasal area and deal with, they cannot be too long.

Step 3: Background Light

Background Light Setup

After establishing my major lumination, I considered that the qualifications (even though it is white) came out in my analyze taken too black. Also, the design was launching a darkness which I do not want.

I required additional lumination in the back. A Photograph Thru outdoor umbrella was the best solution: it gives awesome, smooth lumination, with quite an apparent hot position. I placed it on the eventually left of the digicam.

As a Light Photograph Thru outdoor umbrella is a form of lumination modifier that has very wide variety of produced lumination, it will also enhance a whole world a little bit. We will deal with this additional lumination in the next phase.


White Photograph Thru Umbrella’s used in the way described above will leak on the design, developing undesirable glow on the aspect of the patient matter.

Step 4: Deflector, Reflector and Flag.

Reflector and Deflector Setup

First of all we have to get rid of light spilling on our model from Background Light. To do this, I used Black Gobo (a kind of flag used to block light) as a Flag and at the same time it helped me to deepen the shadow on the models left side. Creating nice contrast between the well lit background and the model’s left side, I gain more focus on the clothes she is wearing.

Everything seemed to be ready for shooting. But shadows created by my key light, under the chin and nose, were a bit too dark.

Silver Reflector was the perfect solution. Placed just under the camera, flat on the floor, the reflector bounced light coming from the key light and filled unwanted shadows with soft light.

Step 5: Camera Settings

L'Affaire Parisienne by Maciej Pestka

Everything was shot with simple (yet powerfulCanon 400D and kit lens 18-55mm @ 55mm. As you can see, even with low budget camera it is possible to get very attractive shot.

My white balance was set to , I find it easier than adjusting in Adobe Camera Raw. I used ISO 100 to get away from any possible noise, and thanks to f16 I could be sure that everything will be sharp in the shot (this is very important in fashion photography). Exposure time was 1/125.


photography: Maciej Pestka
Styling: Natalie Svikle
Makeup: Ciara Hanlon
Model: Cathy @ Compton

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