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Taking Great Photos in the Dark

Follow these seven helpful tips to improve your night photographs. For the best tutorials, Follow netglos @twitter and Shoot During Dusk Some of the best night photos are taken during dusk; when the sky isn’t completely black. Taking pictures during dusk will show more colors and details in the distance and will let you use a faster shutter speed. Use High ISO Use a high ISO if required. It is better to get recognizable […]


Photo Retouching Tutorials

Photo retouching and manipulation are probably the two most important areas Photoshop is used extensively, mainly because Photoshop offers a variety of sophisticated tools and effects that you can use to smooth out skin and hair, optimize body proportions, emphasize or enhance some beautiful details, correct colors, and a whole lot more. These skills are important to learn not just for professional photographers but for anyone who simply wants to learn to edit and retouch their […]


Taking Photos Slow Shutter Speeds

Tutorial Details Difficulty: Basic Completion Time: 1 hour Requirements: Camera with adjustable shutter speed For many photographers, darkness is their worst enemy. After getting a basic understanding of how cameras work, the next things photographers must understand is how to operate in low light. Most new cameras have advanced dedicated flashes (sometime built into them), which can make dark situations easier to shoot in. But almost all modern cameras also have slow shutter speed settings […]