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Old Keys And Coins Transformed Into Beautiful Art By Michael Moerkerk

Sometimes to make a good living out of art you need to think outside the box, in fact, this is a key quality to have! Well, one artist used this term literally and created an awesome set of art pieces using nothing but keys and coins. Michael Moerkerk is working under the blowtorch to create his art pieces, The Australian started his career creating spheres and balls but moved up from there to create amazing bottles […]


75 Exceptional Photo Manipulation Tutorials

The initial point that clicks our thoughts when we speak about image editing and photo manipulation is Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is such a great tool for image editing but on the other hand it is really tough to master. Photo manipulation is the art of photo editing. It is another name of passion and creativity. Photo manipulation is not a cup of tea for the novices. But it is a passion for many designers out […]


Great Abstract Works with Airplane Engine

Florida-based artist Princess Tarinan von Anhalt creates abstract works of art by hurling cans and bottles of paint into the air and letting the strong winds produced by a jet engine splatter it onto a canvas. It’s probably the most expensive paintbrush ever used, but clients will often pay as much as $50,000 just to watch her work. Jet Art, characterized by using a jet engine’s air currents to create abstract shapes on a canvas, was invented in 1982, by Prince […]


Beatiful Bottle Designs

Twenty beautiful (mostly) alcohol labels and bottles: Espolon tequlia. Linnea Vineyard by Mash. Auténtico Tequila Alacrán by Sociedad Anónima. Norksk Ol by Ryanna Christianson. Goat Island by Tower of Babel. Mahou Negra by Enric Aguilera Asociados. Art in the Age Root. Kirin beer by Di Donato Partners. Vybz Kartel Jamaican Rum by Project 13. Some Young Punks by Tomer Hanuka. Sputnik Vodka by Bennett. Velvet Glove by Mash. Therapy Vineyards by Brandever. Cash and Tasty […]

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