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Clever Negative Spaces in Logos

If you’re not familiar with the concept of negative space, it’s the empty space around and between the main elements in a design. In logo design, it’s common practice to use negative space to form shapes that help convey the meaning of the logo. Since our eyes tend to focus on the positive space, sometimes these “hidden shapes” go unnoticed at first glance. That’s why sometimes you have to look a little bit closer to […]


Exellent Logo Design Tutorials

Designing a great logo is no easy task. It’s something people will remember, something that tells a story. In fact, your logo is a very important part of your branding. We all know branding is not just a pretty logo, but creating something that’s memorable and that reflects what your company is about and effectively conveys your message will go a long way. The tutorials featured in this post will walk you through the process […]