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Lovely Calligraphy Fonts for Designers

Obtaining the proper fonts is crucial to effective graphic design and style. Thankfully, there are a lot of top quality totally free fonts that are obtainable for use. In this post we’ll function 25 calligraphy fonts for download. When you are in want of a script or calligraphy font, the choices showcased right here will provide lots of range. Even though they are all calligraphy-style fonts there are diverse styles represented. Be positive to verify […]


Various Forms of Visual Arts

Art can be called a language or a medium through which you can channelise your feelings, thoughts and intellect. The vision and the internal moods of your mind are conveyed to the world through art. Art can be categorized into three forms namely: visual art which includes painting, sculpture, calligraphy, photography; applied art like fashion design, architecture, wood crafts, interior design and jewelry  design ; performing art includes dance, singing, films , theatre, music and […]


The Most Wanted Photoshop Tutorials

Undeniably, Photoshop is the leading graphics editing software today. Photoshop is a product developed by Adobe Systems. Anyhow this powerful bitmap and image manipulation software seems to be tricky to learn especially if you want to create a realistic or fantasy-like ambiance. Thus many people seek help with the different online tutorials. Here are now the unique, creative and stunning tutorials every Photoshop developer surely loves to learn. Design a Brilliant Product Advertisement Egg Planet. […]