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How to Turn a Sketch into Vector Illustration

This tutorial aims to guide you from sketchbook to screen; a “Fat Cat” doodled with biro translated into a neat vector caricature. Intermediate knowledge of Adobe Illustrator is advised. Let’s take a look at how to create a cheeky cat illustration – from initial concept through to vector goodness. For the best tutorials, Follow netglos @twitter and Final Image Preview Preamble Talk to any Illustrator and they’ll preach the significance of sketching. The media […]


Futuristic And Great Cell Phone Concepts

Collection of the most creative and interesting cell phone concepts designed by talented people from all over the globe. Weather Cell Phone Concept Beautiful cell phone concept design by Seunghan Song accurately detects and illustrates present weather conditions. [link] Mobile Script Cell Phone Concept Designed by Aleksander Mukomelov, this cell phone comes with a large touchscreen, that is located inside the phone in the collapsed state. [link] Projector Cell Phone Concept Cool extra slim concept […]