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Making Your Workspace Work For You

Productivity is made up of more than just action items, emails, and process improvement.  The environment around you can affect your mood and your results.  Things like noise and temperature are proven to affect your typing speed and accuracy.  Taking control of your workspace is an effective way to demonstrate productivity to yourself and others. For the best tutorials, Follow netglos @twitter and If you’re unsure how to do that, start by asking yourself a few […]


40 People Who Changed Internet

The world has become tightly connected since the internet. The web itself has replaced the practice of reading newspaper. Most of us now communicate through e-mails instead of paper and pen. We now watch networks or movies online, it has even become a wide business venture, so much so we can now make purchase and pay our bills through the internet. The web has also transformed friendships through various social media. It also provides us […]


Arthur Bodolec’s Jack Chair

arthur bodolec with his ‘jack’ chair french product designer arthur bodolec has created ‘jack’, a stool that can be brought to ‘life’ through a simple touch. imagining a world where objects can be woken up, given life and take form to express themselves, ‘jack’ is the first in a series of designs that transforms from an inert stool to a full functioning chair. ‘jack’ in stool mode applying pressure to the center of the stool […]


Create a Sci-Fi Interior Using Digital Painting Techniques

Tutorial Details Program: Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended Difficulty: Intermediate Estimated Completion Time: About 3 to 5 hours Final Product What You’ll Be Creating Artists often draw rough sketches of their artwork before they begin to add the final touches. This is also true for digital painters who will draw a rough sketch in Photoshop before they begin work. In today’s tutorial we will show you how to polish a rough sketch of a sci-fi drawing […]