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Colorizing Black And White Photos

Before after If you’re an ancient Gen-X-er like me you probably remember when billionaire media mogul Ted Turner began colorizing classic black-and-white films from Hollywood’s golden era. Even if you agree with critics who claimed this colorization amounted to “cultural vandalism,” there’s no doubt the technique is interesting and has its merits—especially for photographers. It’s a lot like the hand-tinting of black-and-white portraits that was popular in the early 20th century, but it’s done digitally. If […]


How to Colorize an Old Black and White Photo

The first thing you should do with any image is clean it up. Dust, scratches, and uneven tones all need to go before you start working on it. Use the clone brush to get rid of defects, and in some cases the healing brush can be used to add texture to blown out areas. The uneven tones will be taken care of in the levels. It’s not required to do any of this, but it […]