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50 Great Conceptual Photography Works

Conceptual photography is an art of getting your ‘concept’ across the mind of the viewer using just the contents of a photograph. It is a genre of photography where a photographer puts various things in the scenery so that his idea or concept becomes clear to perceive. Most of the times,computers are used for blending various objects into a photograph, but many photographers just use what is available to them. Some photographers just make sure that everything they […]


Wedding Photography; Two “Camps” Of Style And Vision

There was a time when all wedding photography was pretty much the same. Well-trained photographers worked from “shot lists” and used high-end, medium format equipment. They took wedding portraits (many in-studio) whose hallmarks included great color, sharp details, beautiful lighting, and well-posed subjects. Wedding albums were filled with 8×10”, 8×8”, and 5×7” prints of carefully posed images of couples, their families, and the bridal party, all smiling nicely for the camera. These traditional photographers often […]


Outstanding Examples of Conceptual Photography

Conceptual photography essentially is the photographer trying to convey a message or “concept”. Usually this message is conveyed through some abstract symbolism which can be interpreted by the viewer. Even though most photographers have a specific meaning they are trying to get across, usually the image can be interpreted in many different ways. Below are some great examples of conceptual photography to inspire you. Enjoy. Alexander Gubin Xabier.M Dylan-K (Matt(ikus) Andre Arment Abel Tonkens Santy […]