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Make a Sexy Racing Wallpaper in Photoshop

  For the best tutorials, Follow netglos @twitter and Stock pictures employed Girl: Automobile: material/uploads/2011/01/2010-Chevrolet-Camaro-SS-4.jpg Tattoo: Step 1 If you are going to make a numerous size wallpaper you ought to commence with the highest one very first. If you want to use it as wallpaper on your own desktop, create the document to fit the exact very same resolution of your screen. I developed a 2000×1200 document but you can […]


35 Grunge Design Tutorials With Photoshop

Creating a Stunning Old-World Look in Photoshop In this Photoshop tutorial, you’ll learn how to create an old-world look using stock vectors imported into Photoshop. How to Create a Grunge Web Design in Photoshop Witness the steps involved in creating a beautiful grunge-themed website design in this brilliant Photoshop tutorial by PSDTUTS. Antique Ace of Spades This tutorial shows you how to create an old, stained playing card by using Blending modes. Creating an Old-Collage-Effect […]


Create a Golden Heart-Shaped Box

Final Product What You’ll Be Creating In today’s tutorial, we will demonstrate how to create an elegant, heart-shaped box in Photoshop. Let’s get started! Tutorial Assets Flower texture Net Texture Diagonal Texture Step 1 Create a new document, 600 x 600 px. Before we proceed with this tutorial, take a look at the area setup and arrangement. Make sure each color area is on its own layer and name them as shown below. Step 2 […]


Creating a Clean and Modern Web Site With Photoshop

In this web design tutorial, we’re going to learn how to create a clean-looking and modern website layout. We will take advantage of some fundamental techniques and tools — such as custom shape tools, selection tools, and clipping masks — and end up with a nice and professional web design. Ready? Let’s get started! Author: Mahmoud Khaled Mahmoud is a young web and graphic designer from Egypt. Apart from that, he also enjoys blogging and […]


Creating a Web Design Layout

Good evening everybody welcome to another tutorial by HV-Designs. In today’s tutorial I’ll be showing you how to create a sleek web design company style web template. The Final Layout Once completed you should have something like this. Lets Get Started Start off by creating a new document with the following dimensions “1200 x 1400″, don’t worry if the document seems big as you can crop the canvas when finished. Select the rectangular marquee tool […]


Creatinge a Stylish Media Player in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we’re going to teach you how to replicate Apple’s iPod Nano. Not only will we recreate it’s signature body form, but also the headphones and put them in a unique setting that makes it pop. This an easy to follow step-by-step tutorial, and altering the final appearance should be a piece of cake. Changing the appearance is only a metter of picking a few different colors or adding your own textures as […]

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