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Effective and Beautiful Business Cards

Business cards are probably the smallest, most handy, cheapest, yet most effective contact-building tool. Sadly, not all business cards are the same. There are those that stand out and there are those that do not even stand a chance. For the best tutorials, Follow netglos @twitter and Coming up with effective business cards will give you a better chance at securing any job or getting more clients to use your products or services. How […]


Creative and Beautiful Package Designs For Your Design Inspiration

The goal of packaging is to make a first, quick and lasting impression. More than most other areas of design, we are surrounded by this on a regular basis, but pay the least attention to how items are wrapped and presented.  Whether it is wine, tissues, home goods or food, we rarely take a second look and appreciate the time that has gone into its initial presentation.  From the logo and layout of colors and […]


Great Print Advertising Poster Design Inspirations

No matter how good your advertising campaign concepts may look on paper, it’s the execution and the resulting impact that determines their overall effectiveness. Get some good ideas on what sort of advertising campaigns pass the bar in execution and appeal; check out these 22 effective print advertising examples that have won Ads of the World Awards. Given the community’s highly critical nature, these samples are sure to give you valuable takeaways for your next […]