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55 Genius Packaging Designs That Will Open Your Thoughts

Whoever believed of these is a genius 1: Matchsticks and box For the best tutorials, Follow netglos @twitter and 2: Condoms three: Another condom pack four: Black melon pan 5: Butter 6: Cutlery 7: Gum 8: Earphones 9: Teabags ten: Verify if the meat is fresh sticker 11: Cigarettes 12: Honey 13: Hand lotion 14: CD 15: Detergent 16: Yet another detergent 17: Tablets 18: Thread 19: Coconut water 20: Bread 21: Energy drink […]


All Best Brushes Set for Photoshop

Brushes for Adobe Photoshop are known to be one of the most used add-ons since they don’t just enhance your designs, but also help give your works a new, fresh and stunning look. Those of you who have a love for brushes may probably know a number of them listed in this post. Nevertheless, new brushes are being designed for Photoshop and hence, you will surely find ones you’d like to try out without any […]