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Fantastic PhotoManipulations

Charming beauty, ageless skin and a toned figure is in the wish list of every human being, but not everyone is bestowed with these boons. In regards to beauty, photo manipulation is what a beautician does to us through make up and re touching. You can combine photo with graphics and produceĀ  life in a dead picture, inspire others through your photos, take your creativity to a new level by reproducing your dreams, make everything […]


3d Lighting Text Effect with Illustrator

Today Transfuchsian brings you another tutorial that shows how Illustrator can perform design tasks generally reserved for Photoshop or other raster programs. Photoshop is going to be easier to use for this effect, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get the same results in a pure vector format. So, today I bring you a lighted text effect tutorial in a new segment I like to call “Anything Photoshop can do, I can do…also”. In this […]