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30 Best Designed Minimal Corporate Web Sites

1. Solo For the best tutorials, Follow netglos @twitter and Simple design on a subtle grid. Garnished with color saturation via scrolling. A fun, clean, good interaction! 2. Sur la Route Encore Despite the many colors “above the fold,” Sur la Route Encore’s site (designed by Minuit Sept) toes the minimalist line. 3. Dropbox Dropbox’s purpose (as illustrated) and call to action have a hefty impact from their airy design. 4. Budnitz Bicycles Products […]


What To Do After WordPress Installation

It takes two easy steps to install WordPress but you may tweaking some of the default settings to further optimize the performance and also improve the security of your WordPress website. How to Optimize your WordPress Installation These suggestions are only applicable to self-hosted sites and not blogs that are hosted on Also, I assume that you are running WordPress on Apache. Let’s get started: 1. Change the default media upload folder The […]


8 Recommended Books For Website Designers To Read And Learn

Web designing Tools and techniques are ever evolving and it’s the responsibility of the designers and developers to stay in touch with the latest innovations to provide the web design clients with best pieces. Books are great source of knowledge and web designers should think about reading new books on web designing, written by well-known authors. In this writing, there is short discussion about 8 books on the same topic. 1-      Universal Principles Of Design […]


100 Best Free Fonts You Should Have in Your Library

Fonts have already been among the essential materials used by designers. Whether it is a web design project or a logo design – font is the element, capable of attracting people’s attention, rendering the key idea, and communicating the necessary message. That is why, thousands of free fonts reside today in multiple online font repositories. Below we are introducing a collection of 100 free fonts, which represent vividly only some of the most significant trends […]


Photoshop CS6’s new features

Photoshop CS6 is now available for download in Beta. For the last several months, we have been speculating about what features we can expect to see in Photoshop CS6. This speculation was fueled by the Photoshop team’s release of several sneak peek videos that revealed some exciting new features. Now that the speculation is over and Photoshop CS6 Beta is available for us to download and try, we have been able to make a careful examination […]


Creating a Cherry in Ice Cube with Photoshop Tutorial

A nice ice cube is not easy to create, due to its condition and surface are difficult to be copied. However, applying Photoshop setting can allow you to form the ice cube. Then, you can arrange your object to be inside the cube, such as animal or any fruits. Create a new document in Photoshop – 800 * 600px, 72 px/inch. Unlock background layer and apply following layer style effects to it. Choose Rounded Rectangle […]


How to Create a Cool Silver Text Effect with Photoshop

You can spend few minutes to achieve a nice silver text effect. It is mainly created using “layer style” function inside Photoshop Settings. At the end, you can design a simple dark background to match with the text. Follow this step by step tutorial to create a realistic pewter style metal text effect in Photoshop. The best part is it’s really easy! Just a couple of Photoshop layer styles is all it takes to create […]


Transform Your Portrait in to Zombie with Photoshop

Hello, We’re gonna talk today about transforming your own portrait into a vintage looking zombie. Maybe you’re familiar with the process of line art in photoshop, or maybe not, but after this tutorial I hope you’ll learn something new. I used a portrait of a friend of mine and my own textures. You can download them all from the required files. Also you can download this font: Enjoy!   Final Image   Choose a […]


Free Online Proxy Websites


You can imagine how important Internet Freedom will be when you are in a country or area where Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and some other websites are blocked, and you have to use proxy tools to visit those websites. As far as I known, there are 3 kinds of proxy tools which are used to unblock websites: 1. Proxy Desktop Software You have to download and/or install a proxy software (such as Tor) in your computer. 2. VPN Some VPN (Virtual Private […]


The Best CSS Frameworks For Web Developers

CSS frameworks have become well-known lately, empowering developers to quickly magic size styles. The concept of CSS Frameworks is to do all the hard work of the recurring projects you do over and over again on each website, enabling you to get quicker outcomes and get to the fun products developers really like. In this publish we has a summary of the 20+ most well-known CSS Frameworks; presenting handpicked lessons for using each of them […]


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