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How to resize or crop your animated gifs

Animated gifs are all over the Internet nowadays. The format is used for sharing tiny clips, usually of funny video excerpts or lolcats. If you want to participate, you’ll have to create or modify animated gifs sooner or later. For the best tutorials, Follow netglos @twitter and Once you try to open your gifs in Photoshop or your other image editor, you’ll quickly notice that it’s not the best tool for that. A much […]


Ways of Bringing Back Creativity

As creative people, there are those days that our brain seems dead. No ideas coming in, run out of creative fuel while thinking of the deadliest deadlines of projects on going. Commonly known as creative block, many are faced with this kind of situation either caused by personal problems, mental block, emotional barrier, communication breakdown, etc. All people in the creative industry is experiencing it. A writer, designer, painter, sculptor or even an art director is once […]


Photoshop CS6’s new features

Photoshop CS6 is now available for download in Beta. For the last several months, we have been speculating about what features we can expect to see in Photoshop CS6. This speculation was fueled by the Photoshop team’s release of several sneak peek videos that revealed some exciting new features. Now that the speculation is over and Photoshop CS6 Beta is available for us to download and try, we have been able to make a careful examination […]


100+ Cool Grunge Background Textures

Grunge styles may be little unpleasent for experience ,still Grunge styles are popular in web and graphics. These styles may be perfect for experience of video games or anything relevant. Anyways in contemporary internet sites ,designers are developing high-quality, grunge-styled styles. These styles are designed by preparing real styles with in illustrator. Here we have gathered some 200+ Amazing Grunge Qualifications Textures that may help you with your background style. If you like this post […]


Free Online Proxy Websites


You can imagine how important Internet Freedom will be when you are in a country or area where Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and some other websites are blocked, and you have to use proxy tools to visit those websites. As far as I known, there are 3 kinds of proxy tools which are used to unblock websites: 1. Proxy Desktop Software You have to download and/or install a proxy software (such as Tor) in your computer. 2. VPN Some VPN (Virtual Private […]


How Can Identify a Font | Free Apps

Since there is a typeface known as Llama and you can even make your own ones withFontStruct, it will not be amazed when we match some print styles we do not know. So, how to recognize a typeface in use? You can have a look at out the following top 10 no cost web apps: 1. WhatTheFont The WhatTheFont website is available for you to identify a font by uploading an image from your computer or via […]


Top 10 Web Services For Unfollowing Who Dont Follows You

Get sick and worn out of those Tweets customers who you follow to do not follow to you back? If yes, you may discover and unfollow them. Below are 10 internet sites which will help you discover out that among your following, who do not follow to you again, then you can unfollow them quickly, and of course, FREELY.   1. Refollow You can sign in Refollow with Tweets OAuth or Tweets profile, type the […]


48 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools and Web Sites


If you want to know what’s happening in the social web you need monitoring tools. Before you get out your credit card and start to spend money try out some of the free social media monitoring services. This way you get a taste of what is available and if you need paid services. I have collected 48 free social media monitoring tools. In the Group A are the services that I use regularly or seem […]


40 People Who Changed Internet

40 People Who Changed the Internet

The world has become tightly connected since the internet. The web itself has replaced the practice of reading newspaper. Most of us now communicate through e-mails instead of paper and pen. We now watch networks or movies online, it has even become a wide business venture, so much so we can now make purchase and pay our bills through the internet. The web has also transformed friendships through various social media. It also provides us […]


Free Stock Photo Sites


If you are searching for free stock photo databases, there are quite a few sites on the web that do that, and even at high quality: there are sites that are made by artists or designers for other artists and promote sharing their creations, there are also others which have a double policy, offering both photos for sale and for free, in distinct sections, and there are also sites which offer exposure to new talented […]


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