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Stylish, exclusive and colorful design Iphone 5 Cases

 Some folks are just too crazy about Apple products presently. Nicely, if you are going to be that crazy, then you might also make the proper protection for your beneficial iPhone and current right? There are times when typical circumstances not cut it any longer. Every of us is unique, consequently our instances ought to be. But not as well much regret, because here’s exactly where custom iPhone five case comes into play. Under are […]


75 Exceptional Photo Manipulation Tutorials

The initial point that clicks our thoughts when we speak about image editing and photo manipulation is Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is such a great tool for image editing but on the other hand it is really tough to master. Photo manipulation is the art of photo editing. It is another name of passion and creativity. Photo manipulation is not a cup of tea for the novices. But it is a passion for many designers out […]


Make a Sexy Racing Wallpaper in Photoshop

  Stock pictures employed Girl: Automobile: material/uploads/2011/01/2010-Chevrolet-Camaro-SS-4.jpg Tattoo: Step 1 If you are going to make a numerous size wallpaper you ought to commence with the highest one very first. If you want to use it as wallpaper on your own desktop, create the document to fit the exact very same resolution of your screen. I developed a 2000×1200 document but you can make it smaller if you have a slow laptop. […]


Manipulation Secrets – Shading and Lighting

Shadows are a very important aspect of any photo manipulation. Just as it happens with lighting effects, if the shadows are used the right way, you can end up with a stunning image. In this tutorial I will show you a few techniques I use to create realistic shadows and lights with Photoshop The first step will be only theory to help you understand how lights and shadows work and on the following steps I […]


Tribal Fighter – Manipulation Tutorial

Welcome to yet another manipulation tutorial. This is going to be an effortless 1, I’ll be utilizing the strategies used on my other tutorials but will finish up with a different outcome. Download the stock images and let’s get began. Final outcome preview Stock pictures necessary Tribal fighter – Owl stock – Landscape – Step 1 Open the background image in photoshop. Soon after that, produce a new Gradient Map adjustment layer […]


Creating Daft Punk Poster With Illustrator

Daft Punk is releasing their new album next month, titled Random Access Memories. While biking around in San Francisco I started seeing some posters and billboards on walls advertising the new album and was inspired by the amazing artwork. Of course I’ve always wanted to do something for Daft Punk so this post’s timing seems just about right. So in this post I will show you how to create a simple and minimalistic poster for […]


What To Do After WordPress Installation

It takes two easy steps to install WordPress but you may tweaking some of the default settings to further optimize the performance and also improve the security of your WordPress website. How to Optimize your WordPress Installation These suggestions are only applicable to self-hosted sites and not blogs that are hosted on Also, I assume that you are running WordPress on Apache. Let’s get started: 1. Change the default media upload folder The […]


Creating a Depressing War Surroundings using Photoshop

If you want to create a good scenery, a lot of photo combinations are unavoidable. Therefore, good planning for preparing your sources and background design are required. This tutorial will show you how to form a tank and arrange a soldier together.   Step 1 Preparing the source All you need to do is selecting good stock pictures, doing experiment on using Free Transform Tool and Adjustment layers to set the mood and lightning. Here […]


How to Create Ferrari logo with Photoshop

Format: PSD Keywords: automotive theme design, make Ferrari logo in Photoshop, quick and easy Photoshop tutorials Author: Quick text tutorial: Install the Ferro Rosso font before you start this tutorial. Step 1. Open a new document – 1280x1024px. Step 2. Fill carbon fiber texture in the background, or fill it with black color or any other dark texture. Step 3. Apply gradient overlay to the carbon fiber background (double click on the background layer in layers […]


Get Digitized Your Photo with Photoshop

Seeing as I haven’t really had the chance to go anywhere of particular interest as of late I started to get stuck into some digital art again. It has been a while since I have done much due to my photography addiction. I almost forgot just how much I actually enjoy doing it, so I’m glad I did. As I was browsing through some stock images I remembered an idea I wanted to create for […]


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